Voss 2000

We tell you
who we are

Our History

A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships together. Thast’s how voss 2000 started, in the year 1959 In the field of the metalworking industry. Starting with the manufacture of velocimeters among other products grew exponentially as over the years, years later, for commercial purposes, he began to develop the rigid PVC extrusion. Parallel through injection, develops a wide line of products, including hardware items, , boxes and components for batteries. In 2004 he joined his product portfolio the manufacture of plastic furniture. In 2005 he received the certification that certifies compliance with the quality system standards (ISO 9001: 2000), awarded by the distinguished unit Det Norske Veritas (D.N.V) Argentina. In March 2007, the works for the construction of the new Plant began Industrial where today the areas of Customer Service and Warehouse work.

Our Industrial Center

Surface of 4 hectares with 15000 m2 covered, divided into 3 warehouses, include, among other things, Environmental Care, Preservation and Social Responsibility, aspects that are of utmost importance for a Company that looks towards the Future permanently.



Knowledge and creativity to constantly develop the better products .. We are a company in constant search of continuous improvement. To achieve the best results for our clients.


Our Commitment

We take as our objective not only the quality of our products but also to provide the best service for our customers with the focus on personalized support and attention.


Social Responsibility

Part of our contribution to the environment It consists of the implementation of resources and procedures so that 100% of the scrap generated in the plant can be reusable.


Trajectory and Values

We are a company with more than 60 years of experience, which has grown together with its human team, promoting individual initiatives and the development of team values, values such as the feeling of belonging, creativity and cooperation.